How Can You Determine If Your Air Conditioner Requires Repair

Kennesaw, GA, is not known for having very hot summers. However, living there can be a very humid experience, especially during the supposed hottest time of the year. Therefore, residents of Kennesaw still depend on their AC units just as much as the next person. This is because AC systems are also capable of regulating the humidity in a space. For this reason, if an AC breaks down and requires AC repair in Kennesaw, GA, a homeowner will be subjected to some very humid days ahead. To ensure that one does not put themselves or their loved ones through this …

AC Not Working? 10 Steps to Take Before Calling for AC Repair

It is extremely awkward to ask the technician just to come out and check your system only to find a rather obvious switch to be the problem. Some typical problems with central air conditioning have straightforward fixes. Therefore, if something goes wrong, save time and money by performing these basic controls before calling your trusted expert for an AC repair service. 1. Circuit break This should be the first thing to check if your AC doesn’t start. Check whether the circuit breaker has tripped and turned it on. If this happens often, call in an electrician. 2. Thermostat problems When …

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