Terms and Conditions

Top Tech Mechanical Services Terms and Conditions/ Service Agreement

Top Tech Mechanical Services (TTM) provides repairs on used and new equipment.  If the equipment is under warranty it is the duty of the Service Requester to verify before hand.  Due to wide variety of manufacturers, Top Tech Mechanical (TTM) cannot be a warranty service provider for all brands.  Please verify all equipment’s warranty status and call us with Make, Model, Age (if possible) and Serial Number of said equipment.  If Top Tech Mechanical arrives onsite while the system is still under warranty TTMS will negotiate with manufacture to perform the needed work. If Negotiations are not agreed by TTM and said manufacture to do mentioned work the original service call will be a billable service call and TTM will advise the customer on which Manufacture Approved company they should go with.  TTM reserves the right to perform warranty work with only TTM approved manufactures.
Any request for service without a notice of cancellation is considered a verbal consideration and may be billed accordingly.
TTM has a minimum service call of a 1-hour labor charge including the variable service charge.  The service charge is dependent upon location of customer and time customer needs TTM to be onsite.  TTM operates normal business hours between 8am-5pm Monday – Friday. Anything outside of this range is considered an emergency and will be dependent upon the location, time, and severity of call. All emergency after hour calls are subject to extra charges.
Top Tech Mechanical will provide service calls to your store as requested.  TTM will assume no responsibility for operator error calls or intermittent problems that will not show. If acting Technician performs all required checks and cannot find any problems a standard service call will be invoiced.
TTM is a fully qualified company and very competent at evaluating equipment for recommended repairs.  Some evaluations will take longer than the minimum service call and as the customer you agree you are contracting TTM for as long as the job takes and are completely aware that in some cases parts, gases, and misc equipment will need to be added to systems to verify problems for final repair.  TTM will approach management for approval after the minimum has been reached and get approval on all extra labor, parts, gases and misc equipment will be invoiced to customer accordingly.
TTM stocks their trucks with most of the every day parts that are needed with Commercial Restaurant Equipment repair. As the customer I understand that in some cases parts will need to be ordered and there will be shipping charges applied in some cases.  All final repairs will have to be approved by appropriate management.  It is the responsibility of the store to provide TTM with proper qualified approval.  All verbal approvals from the customer are considered a binding contract (This includes anyone onsite that is management).  TTM offers same day courier options if needed.
TTM provides a 90-day labor warranty on all work. This includes only parts that were replaced by TTM.  While we work with used equipment TTM will not honor complete operation of equipment due to all parts being the same age as the failed part. All parts used by TTM are not manufactured by TTM and are subject to manufactures replacement warranty.  If parts fail after 90 days and the part is still under the manufactures warranty it is up to the customer to contract TTM for the warranty replacement labor including any initial misc. materials needed to change out the defective part.
As a customer of TTM after work is performed TTM assumes ownership of installed parts and/or equipment until payment is made in full.  If Payment is not paid with in the negotiated time period TTM has the right to remove repaired parts and/or replaced equipment.  These terms will be held legally binding until another agreement is signed.  Unless negotiated with TTM all payments will be made COD after the invoice is submitted.  We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.  By signing below I agree to these terms and can legally act on behalf of mentioned business described in initial invoice.


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We used to have problems with our commercial equipment all of the time. Once we got Top Tech Mechanical Services they were responsive to our needs and now our equipment is always running efficiently.
James C.